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Husky WeatherBeater 1st+2nd Row Floor Liners - Mazda CX-9

Husky WeatherBeater 1st+2nd Row Floor Liners - Mazda CX-9

Regular Price: CA$369.90

Sale Price CA$287.90


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Regular Price: CA$369.90

Sale Price CA$287.90



Husky Liners -

Product Description:

Husky Liners® WeatherBeater™ Floor Liners offer a fresh appealing design complimenting today's current model cars, trucks and SUV's interior styling. This new design is custom-fit, features containment walls to help keep messes away from your shoes and patented "Nibs" to help keep your liners from shifting. In addition, the WeatherBeater™ liners use key elements of your vehicle's interior to give your floor liner a customized look and feel. An additional Form- fit Edge™ at the door threshold allows for easier entry and exit. Again, Husky Liners® lifetime warranty against cracking and breaking makes this a great value. 

Ultimate Protection 
Spills and inclement weather are no match for this custom-fit floor liner, with its functional and fashionable raised arcing ribs designed to help divert small to large amounts of fluids, keeping your shoes up and out of the mess. This superior protection prevents stains & soiling of your expensive, hard to clean, carpeted areas, which can ultimately increase your vehicle's resale value.

Tough & Durable
Manufactured using exclusive elastomeric material that withstands most harmful chemicals including oil, gas, and battery acid. This rubberized material also provides a non-slippery surface, which minimizes cargo shifting.

Form-fit Edge™
This patented design gives your floor liner a finished look while keeping damaging spills off your doorsill and carpet. In fact, our floor liners contain more spills and mess than competitive products while blocking the fluid from going out onto the threshold and back underneath the liner onto the carpet.

Patented process features hundreds of moulded in "Nibs" on the back of the Floor Liner to help keep them from shifting and moving into unwanted places on the floor; which can compromise a floor liner's ability to protect your carpet.

Laser Scanning and Design 
The Engineers at Husky Liners® utilize the latest in Laser Scanning and Design Technology to ensure that each Floor Liner fits precisely to the complex contours and surfaces of your vehicle's floorboard.

Lifetime Guarantee
With a lifetime warranty against cracking and breaking, it is hard to beat the value of this great product.

Installs Easily in seconds with no screws, bolts or fasteners.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA.



The form is our function.

Our FormFit Design™ process perfectly forms each liner to the detailed contours of your specific ride. How? Well, our Nerds use lasers and computers to precisely measure each individual make and model's floorboard to create the perfect fit.

Tough to beat.

The WeatherBeater premium liner material is sporty and rugged. It can stand up to abuse like no other. Go ahead and open up a can of lemon whoop-ass on the thing, it can take it. 

We've got the Edge.

Our patented FormFit Edge™ is a raised ridge that runs along with the door jam, protecting your truck or SUV from all manner of mess.

Put your liner on lockdown.

Our exclusive StayPut Cleats™ helps keep the liner from shifting around underfoot like lesser liners.

Guaranteed...FOR LIFE.

When we say it's "guaranteed for life" that is exactly what we mean. No hassles, no guff. If you have a problem, we'll replace it. Capeesh? For details:

Designed and Manufactured in the USA.

We pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. Need we say more?

Easy. Now.

The WeatherBeater is easy to install, remove, and clean. Just yank, dump, spray and repeat.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Warranty Terms

Husky Liners® guarantees to the original purchaser of Husky Liners® products that they will not break or tear under normal usage during the life of the motor vehicle in/on which they are installed. This warranty shall only be effective while the original purchaser owns the motor vehicle and shall not apply to Husky Liners® products that have been removed from the original vehicle on which they were installed. This warranty applies only to those parts that are correctly installed in/on the vehicle for which they were intended.

Husky Liners® will warrant any part during the warranty period that proves defective in material and/or workmanship under normal installation, use, service, or maintenance. Return alleged defective part to the place of purchase for replacement or refund. Please have a copy of your purchase receipt available when you call. The foregoing is the only express warranty made by the manufacturer and is limited to the duration of this warranty. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS LIMITED IN DURATION TO THE DURATION OF THIS WARRANTY. LABOR CHARGES, INJURIES, OR ANY OTHER LOSS OR DAMAGES WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING THOSE INCURRED IN INSTALLATION ARE EXCLUDED. ADDITIONALLY, PAINTING OF REPLACEMENT HUSKY LINER® PARTS AND ANY VEHICLE COMPONENT REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT AS WELL AS INCIDENTAL DAMAGES ARE EXCLUDED.

This warranty is void for damages to the product due to misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, improper installation or any use that violates the instructions furnished by us.

ABNORMAL WEAR AND TEAR ARE NOT COVERED UNDER THIS WARRANTY. Obviously, if your dog chews up your Husky Liner product, it's not covered under the warranty. Likewise, if you shut your Husky Liner in the door of your vehicle, damage to the liner and/or door are not covered. Commonplace, everyday wear on a particular product is considered normal, and is not covered under warranty repair.