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RetraxOne MX

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Looking for a tonneau cover that will last well into the future? You need the RetraxOne MX. This beautifully textured matte-finished cover is one of the very best that you can buy. It comes with an advanced retractable system that doesn’t use traditional Velcro, snaps, springs, or straps. Instead, the RetraxOne series uses single ball bearing rollers and a spiral track system to give the cover an easy-to-use design that ensures the cover never comes in contact with itself. This reduces wear and tear and keeps the system clear of any dirt, dust, and debris that could limit its lifespan.

The RetaxOne MX also comes with an exclusive low-profile design that will never block your rear-view visibility. The compact design ensures that you can gain easy access to your cargo bed at any time while also securing it into place with a latch or key. It’s also built tough with LEXAN®, which uses incredibly strong thermoplastic and tempered aluminum support beams.

With automotive grade weather stripping, it keeps the elements out, and if water gets into the cannister, the RetraxOne MX comes with water tubes to push water out and away from your truck bed.

We offer the RetraxOne MX for your Chevrolet Colorado and Silverado, Nissan Titan and Frontier, GMC Canyon and Sierra, Toyota Tundra and Tacoma, Honda Ridgeline, Ford F-Series, and Dodge Ram.

Get yours today at AutoEQ and enjoy a limited lifetime warranty, free and fast Canada-wide shipping, as well as our unbeatable price guarantee.

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RetraxOne MX -
    Matte One Piece Polycarbonate Construction, Tough Matte Finish To Deter Scratching
    Front Cover Remains Flush With Rolling Cover
    Sealed Ball-Bearing Roller Design
    No Pull Straps, Velcro, Snaps or Springs
    Key Lockable In Any Position
    Unlimited Hauling Flexibility
    Strong Enough To Stand On

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