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Bully Dog DPF Delete Tuner BUL # 40428

Bully Dog DPF Delete Tuner BUL # 40428

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Bully Dog 40428 - Triple Dog GT Diesel Tuner - DPF & EGR Delete - Off-road use only

The GT Triple Dog Diesel Tuner is the perfect solution to enhance fuel economy, obtain massive horsepower (over 100 hp) and torque gains. But that’s not all; Bully Dog Triple GT monitors and displays over fifteen different vehicle parameters (PIDs), gauge and diagnostic device all in one simple easy to use unit. Triple Dog GT also has a amazing Driving Coach feature allowing end users to maximize their vehicles fuel economy potential. This feature actually monitors your driving habits and relays real-time tips for saving more fuel! Also with the diagnostics feature, you can now read and erase diagnostic trouble codes saving you time and money!

Key Features:

  • Huge horsepower and torque gains (over 100 hp)
  • Improved engine efficiency (fuel economy potential)
  • Four On-the-fly power levels
  • Safety Defueling
  • Speedometer calibration (Downloads feature)
  • Display over 15 vehicle parameters (PIDs)
  • Read and Erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
  • Vehicle Performance Testing (including drag tree)
  • Free Performance Testing Software for PC online
  • Exclusive Driving Coach feature, Patent Pending
  • Full Color display with multiple color themes
  • User set daytime and nighttime driving modes
  • Easy Installation
  • Free internet updates and upgrades
  • Initiate DPF burnoff on '09 GM and Dodge diesel
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty