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Retrospec offers a range of modern e-bikes, electric longboards, and other outdoor gear. Retrospec's e-bikes and electric longboards are built with high-quality materials, such as aluminum frames and durable wheels, to ensure long-lasting performance.

The e-bikes and electric longboards are equipped with powerful electric motors that provide assistance to the rider. The motors are powered by rechargeable batteries that provide a range of up to 73km on a single charge. Retrospec's e-bikes come with a pedal assist system that detects when the rider is pedaling and provides assistance accordingly. The level of assistance can be adjusted to suit the rider's preferences.

Retrospec is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, using materials that are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly whenever possible. For example, their bicycles use lightweight aluminum frames and components made from recycled materials, and their skateboards are constructed from sustainable bamboo and Canadian maple wood.

In addition to their focus on sustainability, Retrospec is known for their affordability and accessibility, making outdoor gear accessible to a wider range of people. Their products are designed to be durable and reliable, without sacrificing style or performance.

Retrospec is a brand that prioritizes quality construction and performance while offering a range of options for e-bikes and electric longboards. They are a great option for commuters, recreational riders, and anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of cycling or skateboarding with the assistance of an electric motor.

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