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Dirt, moisture, and flying debris can ruin your truck’s cargo. To protect your goods, you need a quality bed cover to prevent any unwanted damage from all the elements. And when it comes to the best in truck bed protection, coupled with a sleek and attractive vinyl finish, the BlackMax Tonneau cover rivals the competition and exceeds expectations.

Made to fit perfectly to your truck, the 4-way adjustable fiberglass reinforced snaps along all four sides to ensure the cover is tightly secured at all times. The BlackMax Tonneau is also equipped with “SnapStoppers,” so you never have to worry about the tarp falling off when rolled up. And, with spring-loaded bows and a LeverLock corner system, you can easily open the bed from the front, side or rear. You get solid protection for your bed, a sleek design, and easy access whenever you need it.

At Auto EQ we offer the Blackmax Tonneau cover for your Nissan Titan and Frontier, Toyota Tundra, Dodge Ram, Ford F series, GMC Sierra and Canyon, and Chevy Silverado and Colorado. You also get everyday free shipping on all orders and an unbeatable price guarantee when you choose Auto EQ!

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