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BAKFlip FiberMax

BakFlip FiberMax

BAKFlip FiberMax   Fiberglass reinforced cover

The BakFlip FiberMax is essentially a cross between our popular BakFlip G2 tonneau cover and our flagship model, the BakFlip F1. The FiberMax, while lacking some of the refinement of the F!, makes use of all the features of the BakFlip G2, from its tough aluminum substructure, to its robust EPDM hinge design to it's functional and well built slam latch system. All features of the BakFlip FiberMax mirror those of the BakFlip G2. The only difference is that the top surface of the FiberMax is made from an impact resistant Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP), rather than aluminum. This difference appeals to people that live in areas that are subject to heavy snowfalls as well as hail. In addition, if you're the kind of person that is particularly heavy on your truck, the FiberMax will probably appeal to you. The BakFlip Fibermax is a hard folding tonneau cover that is most definitely a work horse. It has built in cab protection, is operable from either side of the truck, is equipped with slump latches under all panels and has a sleek, contemporary design. Every single last component of the BakFlip FiberMax is made in the USA. It is truly an awesome tonneau cover, that delivers everything you need, without breaking the bank. The BakFlip FiberMax is also designed to work with the BAKBOX, the CS rack system and allows full access to stake pockets.

BakFlip FiberMax Design & Innovation:

BAK Industries BakFlip FiberMax
Protects cab and allows 3rd brake visibility: BakFlip Fibermax has rubber bumpers that protect the cab from impact and shifting loads. It is also FMVSS-108 approved to be driven in the open position.
BAK Industries BakFlip FiberMax
Rugged impact resistant texture: The BakFlip Fibermax has a rugged, impact resistant texture on the top surface. It also remains cooler to the touch than aluminum in extreme heat.
BAK Industries BakFlip FiberMax
Scuff resistant rubber: BakFlip Fibermax has brand new scuff resistant rubber seals for superior longevity and good looks.
BAK Industries BakFlip FiberMax
Superior rail seals: The BakFlip Fibermax has new malleable outer rail seals ensuring superior resistance to moisture and dust, while conforming perfectly to rails with design patterns and spray on bedliners.
BAK Industries BakFlip FiberMax
Works with bed rails: BakFlip Fibermax works with bed rails because of its extreme low profile and custom inner truck rail contour.

BakFlip FiberMax

Panel exterior:     Aluminum underside Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) top
Panel core:    EPS (insulated) 2lb.
Panel frames:    Aircraft grade aluminum / black powder coat
Finish:       Hair cell texture
Thickness:    1/2 inch (OD)
Hinge:       Flush style corrosion proof EPDM rubber
Weight rating:      400 LBS. - evenly distributed
Size of box:    68x23x8 (inches)
Weight of box:        55 LBS
Install tools:      1 x 15mm wrench
Maintenance:    Wash normally with soap and water / 3M formula 303 UV protection.
Warranty:           3 years.

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